<aside> ❗ The Managers Handbook from Clearbit was used as the main resource for these processes, and is one of the best resources to inspire your own Hiring handbook.


<aside> 💡 This process describes the steps that must be carried out during the process of hiring a new role that any team leader want to incorporate into the team



  1. Write the Role Proposal, External-facing job description and Momentum
  2. Share with the Leadership Team the proposal and motivations for the hiring
  3. Leadership Team makes a decision about whether to move forward with hiring
  4. Publish the hiring offer
  5. Interviewing the Candidates
  6. Candidate's selection
  7. Closing
  8. Prepare the candidate's onboarding
  9. Debriefing on how the process has been and what has gone well and what can be improved


Hiring 101

Role proposal



Screening interviews

Top grading interviews

Focused interviews