At Kinfolq, we're building the most diverse network of communities of talent and making it easier for startups to tap into these networks. For startups that care about building diverse teams as they grow and scale, Kinfolq is the best way to get visibility for your roles within diverse communities.

To share your roles with our network, we use "hiring bounties" to incentivize communities within our network to share your role within their communities. These hiring bounties are a binding agreement to pay our community partners a certain dollar amount for each hire sourced from their community. Startups get to choose the size of their bounty and we have seen bounties ranging from $3000 - $15000 so far. Some startups choose to use the amount they already pay for internal referrals and some choose to come up with a number just for this process. YOU set your own terms 🙂

Once you share your role with our network, we track candidates that come into your pipeline via communities in our network, and in the event that you hire one of our tracked candidates, we charge you the amount specified for your Bounty and compensate our community partner.