TLDR: We're growing and looking to hire a Community Manager to support our Head of Community at Venwise. This is an entrepreneurial role for candidates with a few years of professional experience (community experience can be gained through volunteering not directly related to work), interested in sitting at the intersection of operations, member engagement, event planning, product, and growth.

Founded in 2012, Venwise was built to help executives solve problems. Our membership is comprised of over 250 executives at high growth companies (see who's involved here) that have raised in excess of $50B. Executives from companies like Peloton, Petal, SeatGeek, Maven Health, Bark Box, TalkSpace, Olo, Giphy, Tumblr join Venwise to tap into their peer network as they navigate the growth of their business.

The pandemic inspired our team to make key additions to our core offering, and we're excited by the impact we've made and the direction we're moving in. For that reason, we're looking for a community manager who can help us maintain a high level of engagement and value for our members. As Community Manager, you will help build, maintain and optimize systems at the intersection of community operations (metrics tracking, process design), online engagement (Slack and community platform), event planning and execution, growth and new product development, and will take on various special projects under our head of community as needed throughout the business.

The ideal candidate has experience managing a community either as a volunteer or professional, and has a few (2-5) years of professional work experience. We anticipate that the community team at Venwise will continue to grow and specialize and that your role will have room to evolve as you find your strengths within our team. After a few years in this role, you will have the skillset to lead community for brands, organizations and venture capital funds. Regardless of the direction you take, you will leave this role with an incredible network and relationships you can tap into as you explore your next career opportunity.

If the overview above describe you and piques your interest, keep reading. Thanks in advance for your interest in the role or sharing it with those who might be.

🎯 Responsibilities

*We know the list above is exhaustive, and we understand no one person can successfully executive on all of these tasks. You will work along side our Head of Community to prioritize based on your strengths, the needs of the organization and the needs of our members.