1. Finalise and launch PowerAgent v2, the first permissionless, decentralised, autonomous, generalised automation network for EVM platforms; initially on ETHL1/Mainnet; then later on on GnosisChain, BNBChain…and so forth across all EVM POS chains that encourage and support implementations of PowerAgent;
  2. Launch PowerAgent Keeper/node recruitment initiatives in collaboration with DAppNode and other Ethereum Node Operator/Validator recruitment initiatives to further decentralise PowerAgent v2. Continuously encourage Node Operators on Gnosis and Eythereum to also become PowerAgent Keepers/nodes to earn additional fees, and to become active in the DAO to support management of fee-paying PowerVaults/Baskets, especially LST baskets like $LSTETH;
  3. Once sufficient PowerAgent Keepers/nodes are operational on ETHL1, test PowerAgent v2 enabled PowerVaults like $LUCY for stablecoin yield and PowerBaskets like $LSTETH for HODLing staked ETH;
  4. Launch Phase 1 version of $LUCY on Ethereum, a ‘defensive’ $LUSD stablecoin PowerVault yield optimiser that can also be marketed to DAO Treasuries together with $LSDETH;
  5. Launch Phase 1 version of $LSDETH, a diversified PowerBasket of 10+ ETH LST tokens, with flexible weights, max caps and an internal ETH Safety Fund (included in NAV) to smooth mints/redeems, arbitrage across LSTs and re-insure slashing. To be launched on on Ethereum, (and later Gnosis Chain and BNBChain) Initially marketed to DAO Treasuries and ETH whales minting directly on the PowerPool minting page;
  6. Pursue DEX/CEX listings and liquidity provision for $LSTETH secondary trading and pursue whitelistings of $LSTETH on lending and stablecoin generation sites to increase utility of $LSTETH as collateral;
  7. Once sufficient PowerAgent Keeper nodes are operational on Gnosis and BNB Chain, launch $LSTETH on Gnosis and BNBChain, where over $1 billion worth of ETH is unable to be staked directly, and begin testing $LSTBNB, a diversified PowerBasket of BNB LSTs providing passive BNB yield on BNB Chain;
  8. Launch Phase 2 version of $LSTETH with Retail Marketing Partners deploying the unbranded mint/redeem widget for $LSDETH, $LUCY, (& LUSD?) etc. from their own websites, earning a one-time, up-front minting commissions paid automatically to their nominated wallets;
  9. Plan deployments of PowerAgent and PowerVaults/Baskets on other EVM-compatible ALTL1s & L2s with sufficient PowerAgent nodes/keepers, and well-developed LST marketplaces;
  10. Once PowerPool platform is credible as an insurable TradFi institutional partner, expand marketing from DAO Treasuries and Retail Marketing Partners towards TradFi VC & Institutional investment managers out-sourcing actively-managed, divesified exposure to the crypto space;
  11. Develop PowerUniverse ‘blended’ baskets (pool-of-pools) offerings with UI/web interface allowing mixing and hedging of ETH basket tokens like $LSDETH with less volatile, defensive, stablecoin tokens like $LUCY, and even delta-neutral, fully-hedged baskets (50% $LSTETH & 50% inverse ETH). Same process for $LSDBNB and other EVM chains;
  12. Once the multi-chain PowerUniverse family of auto-harvested LST-based ETH long, blended and delta-neutral hedged baskets are operational, enable website support for free internal swaps among all underlying baskets and launch multi-chain $PWRPOOL flagship yield-bearing ‘fund-of-funds-of-funds’ institutional investors can leave on TVL rebalancing/harvesting 'auto-pilot';
  13. Once the new PowerPool Finance website with free intra-product family swapping has been established add integrations with investor aggregation/portal/wallet sites Zapper, Zerion, CoinGecko, and wallet providers, etc.;
  14. Add a fiat gateway/on-ramp to PowerPool website allowing investors to directly buy PowerUniverse family products on the website