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💐 About Me:

I'm Shomik Ghosh, an enterprise software enthusiast and taco bell aficionado. My day job is at Boldstart Ventures a first check, day one partner for technical founders building developer first or SaaS products. Other than that I love reading about complex adaptive systems, diving into business models, and chatting with folks much smarter than myself about new topics! You can reach me @shomikghosh21 on Twitter, LinkedIn, or shomik at boldstart dot vc.

🌹 Substack

Software Snack Bites is my personal substack where I will write smaller bite size posts on things in software that I'm thinking about every Wednesday. It will cover startup topics, public companies, and anything else that I randomly want to talk about.

It is meant to be for lightweight quick consumption. We all get too many newsletters so I promise you there will be no long form blog posts here. All posts will be a 5 min read or less.

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🌴 Talks

🐰 Long Podcast with Bill Brewster chatting about entrepreneurship & SaaS