I'm an innovation strategist, facilitator & coach, based in Berlin.

I supercharge teams in discovery mode, helping them build the "right" product – viable, meaningful, desirable, ethical.



Over the last decade, I’ve been working in strategic innovation roles – crafting gorgeous speakers at B&O, launching new products at O2, and consulting a wild range of clients in agencies. In that time, I’ve lived in London, Copenhagen, Madrid and now Berlin.

These days, you can find me at IXDS, a forward-looking strategic design studio, newly part of the PwC group.

I have a B.A (Hons) Philosophy and an M.A in Cognition & Communication. I also taught Qualitative Research Methods at CBS.

<aside> 📄 Here's my CV, in case you are curious.



I’m helping spread the message and build methods for ethical innovation and product integrity. My aim is to bring ethics and systemic thinking into the operation of technology companies through up-skilling, conceptual tools, coaching and facilitation in a way which is both inclusive and practical.

Your Product's Ethical Stack

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