Bettering Humans is what I'm about

I'm Focused on Building Free and Sovereign Humans Through Exposing Broken Fiat Money, Creating First Principle Thinkers, and Helping Humanity Get Access To The Hardest Money In Existence (Bitcoin).

Fix the Money πŸ’° Fix the World 🌏

β‚Ώ Bitcoin is Sovereignty for 7 billion humans

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I use Swan Bitcoin to buy Bitcoin

The Better Human Podcast

Better Human is about bettering yourself, the world, and those around so the 🌎 is better for you having existed. What is the meaning of human life?

BETTERMENT β†’ and the journey through the ups and downs of that process.

πŸŽ™The Better Human Podcast


Important evergreen topics for betterment.

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My Writing

Words are the catalyst for all that's good and bad in the world. They can be used to build and to tear-down. Choose them wisely and use them even more carefully.

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