I'm all about data, startups, and 🇨🇦. Also, nachos.

Twitter: @AnnikaSays

LinkedIn: Annika Lewis

👩🏻‍💻 What I do


I'm a venture capital investor focusing on Analytics & Data Infrastructure.

I'm currently based in Vancouver.

Longer form:

I spend most of my time looking at investments in the Analytics & Data Infra world, because I believe that data can and will transform every facet of business and of our lives. In my lifetime, I expect that the most impactful companies will be those that enable others to better collect, analyze, and make use of their data, as well as companies who are able to build a data advantage themselves by collecting or generating new data.

Beyond the data world, I read & think a lot about macroeconomics, the future of money, and policy's role in those areas.

These days, I'm also spending an ever-increasing amount of time in crypto.

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