What I do

I'm a product manager at Current, where I focus on building our teen banking product. We are hiring, by the way! I've shipped software that translates text on your Apple devices, helps you manage your payments with American Express, and makes home cooking more accessible with Blue Apron. In 2020 I had the opportunity to help startups launch their pilot offerings to their first customers, which was a blast.

Prior to moving to New York, I graduated from the University of Virginia, where I studied Computer Science and Mathematics. I was really into hackathons and co-founded the university's first hackathon back in 2014.

Who I am

I love learning, competing in triathlons, finishing the NYT Crossword, and traveling. I’m also a classically trained violinist of 12 years.


A few projects I've worked on. More on my GitHub.

📕Better Reads


📏Genre Classification and Analysis

🕵️‍♀️Product Hunt Python Library



I've given some talks about programming in Swift.