I use my creative freedom to bring your visions to reality, inspired by your companies growth and mine.


Entry-level Marketing and Sales

👋 Hello there, my name is Natalia. I am a creative at heart who is always seeking growth in all aspects of my life. I inspire to do the same for any company I dedicate myself to.

Customer service is second nature to me, and my prior work experience has allowed me to master this skill. I genuinely believe "the more you know, the more you grow," which is why I love the challenge of solving problems and learning new skills. I am also a fast learner who takes initiative and constantly seeks opportunities to improve.

I grew up in a family full of entrepreneurs! This inspired me to create my own online brand/business called Ethereal Creations. I have now worked with different companies allowing me to learn and apply more skills such as influencer outreach, creating email templates, engineering advertisement campaigns, and creating an online presence for a company from scratch. This hands-on experience makes me a strong addition to any marketing and social media team.

I have always loved focusing on social media content creation because it allows me to express my creative freedom. I excel best when applying new skills, creating something from seed, to bloom, and then exploring its full potential.

If you want someone on your team who’s as excited to grow as you are, then we should talk!

What I can do for you:

<aside> 👇 Below are some of my top projects, tech tools, and experiences on display!


📜 Projects

I designed and built my own business, Etherealcreations.co.

I designed and implemented a complete brand and sales strategy, managed all social media accounts, maintained awareness of new trends, and resolved customer issues.

I grew all social media accounts for La Patrona.

I managed all photography, social media accounts, promotions, advertising, branding, and creative content to connect with customers and grow La Patrona's following and engagement.

I created an influencer outreach email template for the health and beauty company, Monat, to help gain more exposure for the brand.

Using the company's branding, messaging, and tone, I created an influencer outreach strategy to ensure a strong relationship with present and future partners.

I built a website for La Buena Vida to increase its online presence.

I designed and created a user-friendly website, made a landing page to gather emails for future promotions, and created all website components—all while fitting into the brand standards and style guides with their existing logos and color schemes.

🛠 Tech Stack