I am passionate about development, committed to progress, and ready to make a difference in your company


👋🏻**Hey, I’m Katja, my strengths lie in making personal connections and thinking outside the box. I’m always up for a challenge and I love solving problems.

Personal connections** I’ve always loved being with and around people. At 15 I worked as an admin for an insurance company where a great portion of my day was spent on the phone with people. I worked as a Barista in high school which added to my love of making personal connections with my regular customers.

Thinking outside the box When I worked as a Barista in high school, I learned the ins and out of what makes someone good at customer service. During my time as a Barista, I was always thinking about new ideas to better the company. I suggested and researched where to find Hot Cocoa Bombs, a very popular and hard-to-find item, and due to my initiative, I made the store a profit of over $2000.00.

Up for a challenge and problem solving I am always up for a good challenge. With no background in marketing or web design, I noticed a local company that was greatly in need of assistance. So, I put together a strategy and built a website. After pitching my idea, I was offered the job as Head of Marketing on the spot and sold my website.

I am ready to make a difference in your company. If you want someone on your team who is as driven as you are, then we should talk!

What I can do for you:

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📜 Projects I've Completed!

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-Developed my own personal website.

This website is my own. I use it to reference myself and to house my blog posts.

-Developed and sold a company website.

This was for a company called BFF Kombucha. It was the very first website I created with no experience whatsoever.

-Created a new landing page and email newsletter for YesBroadway

This was a project I undertook for a company that I thought really needed some assistance. I did pitch the project to the company but never heard back.

-Created a Company Website and Branding Strategy in One Month.

This was a month-long project that I undertook in July 2021 to create a company website and a branding strategy for a brand new company with no image.

⭐️ Blog Posts!

I've written too many to house on this page. You can check out my personal website or my medium account. Enjoy!