I will bring a calm and positive mindset to your company through timely communication and meticulous attention to detail.


Operations and Customer Success

👋 Hey, I’m David. I love fostering genuine customer interaction through leveraging a unification of soft and hard skills.

Working in multiple industries, I learned to combine operations and customer success. For instance, understanding the technical side of a problem, the why behind the pain, and then communicating solutions to a customer, or even employee, can make or break the interaction and the rapport of the company.

I learned this through my years of leadership with Panera Bread, AmeriCorps NCCC, and most recently, my sales internship with Ramblin Jackson.

I have created connections with customers and employees to better their experiences and keep them invested in the products or services I promoted through this focus.

I now concentrate on continuing my learning while staying true to myself and the company goals.

If you want someone on your team who’s as excited to grow as you are, then we should talk!

What I can do for you:

Below are some of my top projects, tech tools, and experiences on display!


Developing Standard Operating Procedures for Panera Bread using Apple's Shortcuts!

📝 With just one word to Siri, you can turn your phone into an automation masterpiece!

3 Easy Ways to Maximize Customer Success; Pandemic Version

💥 It's not what you say, but also how you say it.

Testing my Mettle: A Year of Service

🏆 "I walked away with more essential life skills and know-how than I imagined I’d pick up. Not to mention the quality of work ethic it taught me."

From The Ground Up: Operations, what Panera has taught me

📖 Read about my journey into Panera leadership!

Connecting the dots between Food Service and Sales

🥖 Timelines, Communication, and Feedback are some of the key factors when starting a new career in Sales. Read about my experience with Panera!

Learning about Marketing through Panera Bread

😃 When attempting to reach a client, it's sometimes as simple as a change in energy. Read about how I picked up the subtleties of Marketing through working at Panera.

Tech Stack