Creativity, Business Operations, and Advertising is my middle name...s.

Entry-level Operations or Marketing

Welcome to the page of an ambitious, creative, and strategic thinker!

I’m your host Chase Taake, and tonight we’ve got some major skills to share. Up first is:

Ambition I had a goal of making the world a more fun place, so I bought a mini-golf course! I'm someone who will go through great lengths to achieve goals!

Creative At my miniature golf course, I understood that for repeat customers we needed something new. I came up with game modes never seen before in mini-golf, loyalty systems that made customers ADDICTED, and stories for our course that made people wanting to know more.

Strategic I set 5, 10, 15, and 30-year goals for myself and have been on track so far! Thinking far ahead into the future, I reverse engineered what I wanted my life to look life. Working backwards, I came up with a plan I intend to stick to!

Allow me to use these traits and skills to kick butt in an operations or marketing role for you! Learn more about me below!

What I can do for you:

<aside> πŸ‘‡ Below are some of my top projects, tech tools, and experiences on display!


πŸ“œ Projects

I Purchased and Grew a Popular Miniature Golf Course at the Age of 16

Check out the local news article here

🌟 The course became profitable within one year and taught me priceless skills.

I Became a Successful Real Estate Agent at the age of 20

Check out my Real Estate Page Here

πŸ—£οΈ Advertising myself, and my listings, my name quickly spread throughout the town forcing me to master organization and time management techniques, while mastering the soft skill of interpersonal skills.

I Created a Mario-like Platformer Video Game Using Python

Check out my Coding Projects Here

πŸ’» Knowing that coding is one of the most important languages, I decided that this skill was too important to not learn. The course taught me HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Processing. Through these skills I created a Mario-like platformer game, which I am most proud of.

I Created an Entire System for a Podcast Business in 30 Days

Check out the journey here!

πŸ“‰In 30 Days, I created my own podcast and in the meantime, I created a system for other people to follow and create their own podcasts super easily. During this project, I blogged tips and tricks, recorded tech tools, repurposed podcasts into Facebook posts, blogs, and Tiktoks, and much more!

I Engineered Three Inventions Within one Month

Check out the Inventions Here!