I'm here to ensure that your metrics are being met and everything runs smoothly from the front end to the back end. No rock is left unturned!


Entry-level Sales and Operations

šŸ‘‹ Hey, Iā€™m Angel, I'm an active listener and a great problem solver.

At T-Mobile, I put these skills to use by providing an unparalleled customer experience and meeting sales quotes regularly. I ranked number one in customer service in the number one store for it and went head to head with managers in sales.

And at Sprouts Farmers Market I was able to cut the stocking process time in half and put us hours ahead of schedule, earning the employee of the month award.

Now I am looking for an entry-level role where I can further my sales experience, explore operations, or even do grunt work! Excited to move to any city or work remotely. Know any great companies for me? Iā€™d love questions or feedback on my profile.

What I can do for you:

<aside> šŸ‘‡ Below are some of my top projects, tech tools, and experiences on display!


šŸ“œ Projects

šŸ’» I started a dropshipping store in 21 days!

I gave myself one month to plan, launch, and advertise a drop shipping store. A lot of the skills required were learned on the spot.

āœļø I wrote two sales email sequences for ChowNow in one week from scratch.

ChowNow is a software that helps local restaurants so I wrote a sales email sequence tailored to their customers. This was also my first time writing sales emails.

šŸ“ I wrote an article for The Futon Shop to boost sales for a lesser known product.

The shiki futon is an awesome product that I personally have gotten benefit out of so I decided to write an article for to convince more people to buy them.

šŸ—£ļø I built an automated chatbot using conversational marketing for The Light Phone.

The Light Phone is a flip phone for the modern era but their site was missing a chatbot so I built one for them.

šŸ’³ I wrote a how-to get started with credit cards article!

Building credit is important so I shared what I learned in an article and made it simple to understand and get started.