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About me

A while ago, I migrated to this field as a self-directed learner, registering and sharing my process. Since then, I design digital experiences to mitigate the tension between what is needed and what can be done.

It fascinates me the discovery and exploration process to arrive at a solution. This way of thinking starts with noticing things, and sometimes, noticing is what makes life exciting.

I recently co-founded Skutalab to help companies understand their customer's jobs to be so they can drive improvements and product innovation. We conduct research, workshop, and mentoring under the lens of Jobs To Be Done and Fit For Purpose.

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I'm from São Paulo - Brazil 🇧🇷 and I have a Portuguese citizenship 🇵🇹

Currently living temporarily in 🏖 Florianópolis.

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Personality tests

Kindly notice that life is an evolving process. I see these results with a grain of salt.