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Image description: Photo by Debbie Deer of Khadjiah Roberts-Abdullah as Henry, a young queer Black woman. Henry stands under 3 concrete pillars of The Bentway Conservancy in Toronto. Henry holds a black megaphone up to their face in their right hand, and shields their eyes from the sun with their left hand while looking off in the distance. Henry is wearing a yellow hoodie over a black t-shirt. The hood is pulled up over their braided hair, and they wear a small jeweled crown on top of the hood. Henry is wearing red lipstick and has a septum piercing. In the background they are under a highway bridge, the sky is blue and there are apartment buildings in the distance.

About Henry G20

Henry G20 is a bold retelling of the conflict during the G20 Summit in Toronto in June 2010. Directed by Christine Brubaker and co-written by Brubaker and Constantine X. Anastasakis, Henry G20 freely adapts Shakespeare’s Henry V harnessing the language & verse to tell the story of the epic battle between Toronto’s citizenry and its police which led to the largest mass arrest in Canadian history. This tour is a fully digital multimedia experience for the individual audience member, told through an action-packed five-episode PodPlay and Augmented Reality scenes. Henry G20 addresses unanswered questions from that fateful weekend where hundreds of people, protesters, and innocent bystanders were kettled, arrested and detained as part of the largest mass arrest in Canadian history.

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Content Information: Plot details may be revealed. (Spoiler Alert!!)

Artist and Collaborators

Produced by Henry G20 Group

Co-commissioned and produced in association with Luminato Festival Toronto and The Bentway Conservancy~~.~~