We'll use this wiki page to track new features, additions, and best practices in response to the pandemic. Last updated 10/23/20.

TouchLess Sign-In

Virtual Keyboard




Covid Screening Questions

We have identified 3 basic questions an Oregon school district informs us are approved by the ODE. You can enable these screening questions in Setup & Preferences. It's first option in the new Covid Response section.

Volunteers, visitors, and, students arriving late will have to answer these questions before signing in.

A yes answer to any question will stop the sign in.

IMPORTANT: We do not keep a record in the database of their answers. It wouldn't be valuable information because the only way to complete a sign in is by answering No to every question. So, if they are able to sign in, we know how they answered every question. If they answer Yes to any questions, they are blocked from signing in and encouraged to leave the building and seek medical advice from a doctor.

We are considering adding a new form that would show if they do answer yes. This form would collect contact info and then email it to staff.


Contact Tracing

We have added two new fields to visitor sign in to assist with contact tracing. You can view this information in the log in the Admin Area under Quick Views (on the left).

  1. Email address
  2. Phone number