We are often asked about the best ways to help Ukraine DAO. Here are some things you can do to support the DAO, join us as a Contributor, stay updated on our latest news, or ask us for help.


If you use Telegram, subscribe to Ukraine DAO Updates channel and ****add this beautiful Ukraine DAO sticker set. Our channel is a great way to keep up with Ukraine DAO. Almost every post contains links & tweets that you're welcome to share.

FOLLOW OUR TWITTER AND MASTODON Follow us on Twitter or Mastodon (or both) Because of the shadow ban and the constant censorship of Ukrainians on Twitter, we’ve also set up a community on Mastodon (open source decentralized social network). We encourage everyone to set up an account with Mastodon and join our server - https://masto.ukrainedao.love

DONATE TO UKRAINEDAO.ETH Donate crypto to **UkraineDAO.eth - our only official wallet**. For more details on Ukraine DAO’s treasury and donations, check out this page: UkraineDAO.eth - Treasury.

BOOKMARK OUR LINKTREE Add Ukraine DAO LinkTree to your bookmarks and share it when telling people about us. It’s a great link to share - we continuously update the resources there to reflect what’s most helpful at the moment.


Subscribe to Drftng with Ukraine - blog run by Ukraine DAO’s co-founder & operational lead Alona. Updates on Ukraine DAO, our humanitarian aid delivery work and all sorts of other Ukraine-related things are published there. Feel free to share your thoughts about the blog in the comments section.

JOIN OUR DISCORD Head to discord.gg/ukrainedao and speak to the community there. We share memes, daily tasks and info resources there as well as announcing the upcoming events.

You can also follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn.https://twitter.com/cryptodrftng/status/1552745264951300101

JOIN OUR TWITTER SPACES Come chat with us or just listen in to our weekly Twitter Spaces with Mindful Webz - Ukraine DAO’s mental health support project. You can also join Mindful Webz as a volunteer psychologist through this form.


Check the repositories in our GitHub organization https://github.com/Ukraine-DAO and send us a pull request.

There are a few more ways to connect with us:



Ukraine DAO


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Ukraine DAO In The Media

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