<aside> 💯 Y'all thought I was joking when I said we're taking over the internet? The real website is coming real soon!


Welcome! This is to guide you to stream team, it's memes, and all of it's updates


2000 subs = 16 hour stream

5000 subs = 24 hours steam

Magic Cat Prayer to Guide Our Studies

Magic Cat, who art in library, hallowed be thy coffee;

Thy breaktime come; Thy meme be done in chat as it is in real life.

Give us this day our daily woosh; and forgive us our flashcard mistakes, as we forgive those who do not join stream team; lead us not into procrastination, but deliver us from netflix. Ramen.


"Catagast, the Wise, protector of those who seek knowledge but suffer under the oppression of an unfair and corrupted academic system. May He whoosh the sorrow and bless with success our jorney. Ramen"

Legend says you can hear him purr during BRRRTTS

Always in our hearts <3

Come back to us soon San D. Stream Team, Magic Cat, and Sir Greg need you.

Tribute to a past member

Tribute to a past member


Stream Team Members

Stream Team Members

Our awesome list of awesome members! If you want to be featured on the list and get a personal thank you in my video at the end of the challenge, you need to let me know in chat as I respect your privacy and want your permission


<aside> 💥 Please keep in mind that since I control the timer manually these times are more of a rough estimate than a set schedule, if you would like another time zone to be added please let me know in stream and I will add another column :)


CURRENT START TIME: 05:30am Central European Time (ITALY)

Start Time in other Countries:

India: 10 am

North America EDT: 23:30 pm

Turkey: 7:30 am

Philipines: 12:30 pm