Data Scientist | Technical Trainer | USMC Veteran | Writer | ACP Mentor

I'm a Marine Corps veteran and data scientist with 20 years of experience in information technologies and networking. For much of my career I was a Technical Operations Specialist serving our special forces, law enforcement and intelligence communities working to deliver signals intelligence products from concept to deployment across multiple wireless communications protocols and technologies. During my time in this position, my roles also included developing, conducting, analyzing, and providing analytic reports to executive management and the larger intelligence community delivering insights from technical experiments in different environments, both in the lab and the field.

Developing and delivering professional hands-on scenario based training to professional warfighters and investigators, I served as an SME for numerous telecommunication technologies, to include but not limited to GSM, GMR1, 802.11, and many other communication technologies.

I also worked closely with our business development teams in my role as SME, facilitating live technical demonstrations and managing technical support for our customers deployed and operating around the globe.

As a writer, I am skilled in communicating complex technical concepts to non-technical audiences. I have been published in online magazines, including Towards Data Science and The Startup, the two largest digital publications on Medium, for my ability to tell stories with data and highlighting insights through data visualization.

I am a self starter who is passionate about technology and the progression that is rapidly occurring within the Artificial Intelligence space and am always looking for ways in which to contribute in making the insights and utility that is possible with modern data-driven approaches to as many people as possible. I am always looking for new opportunities and relationships to help bring tomorrow's technology to everyone today. If you would like to connect, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at

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