Like it or not, being a CG artists means extended periods of time sitting down (or standing if you own a standing/adjustable-height desk) and repetitive motions that can result in injury and/or lead to expensive therapy and surgery. Taking care of your health is just as important as honing your craft. In this section we will go over some common stretches and techniques to maintain your health. Nothing replaces regular visits to your doctor, their advice, regular exercise and a healthy diet though. As dieting is important to a healthy body I like Tastemade for simple recipes, but there are many options available to you on the web.

As an extra feature to learning about the body, you will become better prepared to sculpt anatomy if you know where the muscles are, how they are layered, where their attachment points are and how they relax (stretch).

If you can afford it, purchase and use (or request a purchase) for a standing desk such as the Varidesk. By standing during your work day you will reduce posture related issues such as curvature of the spine (over time) and tightening of the hip flexor muscles.

Eye Strain and Fatigue

make sure to take breaks every hour (at least 5 minutes) to give your body time to stretch and your eyes time to rest. Focus on objects farther than 20 ft away when possible. This is a great opportunity to go for a brisk walk outside. It gives your eyes rest, energizes your body, and increases your brain's alertness. You will be able to work for a longer period of time over your life if you take good care of your body.

Mental Health

Another important aspect of your health is mental health. This can come in many different forms, but generally speaking there are a couple of (non-medical) issues relating to your mental state that appear prevalent among artists. The first is recognizing where you are at in the art skill-perception cycle. You will encounter low and high times in your career and dissatisfaction with your work. This is a natural response to gaining expertise. Understanding it will be a boon when you are in the low periods. The second aspect to consider, related to the art perception cycle, is impostor syndrome. Impostor syndrome can be experienced by anyone in any industry.

Art Skill-Perception Cycle

Imposter Syndrome


Hybrid Calisthenics

If you have had or are experiencing mental health related issues that you do not believe are associated with your work (symptoms can include low energy, anxiety, mood swings, and others) then please seek help from a mental health professional. While it may be that you are experiencing a particularly low point, it is also possible that there are underlying medical issues that need to be addressed. Do not ignore these.