More than a third of Austrians suffer from chronical diseases like cardiovascular diseases or diabetes typ 2.

But like a lot of injuries, chronical diseases are easily preventable through the right diet and exercise.

But, well, it’s not easy to keep track of those things as you don’t see immediate results.

This is why we’ve created ÖHealth.

In our app you see…yourself. Well, not quite yourself, but a small avatar that resembles you, called Bitmoji. Hi!

And whatever you do, your Bitmoji does as well. Let’s call it the Tamagotchi-Principal. It’s your mission to keep this little guy healthy by exercising and tracking your food intake. Thereby any inactivity or activity of the user is directly reflected through the physical and emotional state of the character. If our app detects risky behavior, rise or decline in potential disease your Bitmoji gets weaker, sick, gains or loses weight and thus promotes behavioral change.

But our Bitmoji is not restricted to our app. Through an API you can share your progress on social media and challenge your friends.

With this technology you got all of your health data in one place, which allows the creation of a prediction model that conquers existing health trackers – sorry Apple and Google.

And the best thing is, it doesn’t rely on your age, location or health status. We try to keep it as inclusive as possible.

So, in a world were chronical diseases are one of the greatest threats to our health, we propose a serious game solution to promote the prevention and surveillance of those diseases based on the popular Tamagotchi from the 90es. We propose ÖHealth. *insert slogan * (e.g. think ahead! prevent, don't treat)