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🚀 Why We Exist

Product-led growth is exploding, and it's changing B2B SaaS for good. Companies buying software expect to try the product before talking to a sales rep. But the tooling to support Sales teams in this new world is still stuck in the past. That's where HeadsUp comes in.

We enable product-led sales by surfacing up signals from product usage data to empower sales reps at companies like Figma, Notion, and Airtable to close more deals and grow existing customers into larger accounts.

Salesforce ($220bn), Outreach ($4bn), and Gong ($7bn) created billions of dollars in value by supercharging outbound sales (traditional cold calls and cold emails). HubSpot ($22bn) and Marketo ($5bn) reached an impressive scale by enabling inbound sales (content marketing and automated email campaigns).

We're building for the massive opportunity that is product-led growth.


🏡 About Us

❤️ We are a small team of experienced operators who have sharpened our skills at places like Facebook, Google, McKinsey, and Harvard Business School. We also previously helped build SaaS unicorn FiscalNote, recently valued at $1.4bn, as employees #3 and #9.

📈 We are backed by top VCs and angels including founders & executives of leading B2B companies including FiscalNote, Miro, Webflow, Miro, Amplitude, Algolia, Crossbeam, and Sendbird.

👩‍💻We work hard, improve daily, and ship fast… and we’re looking for diverse candidates who do so as well—people who have worked at startups before, founded something, built a product or tool and shipped it to real users, and really anyone who’s put in the effort to make awesome stuff and send it out into the world.

🎖️ Our Values

As an expression of our first two values, each member of our team was involved in the process of defining them.

🚘 Be the Driver

While we each make unique contributions, we all do so as drivers—owning and driving forward different aspects of the company and product. Driving means taking responsibility and owning the outcome of those things which we lead, ensuring no tasks remain lost. In fact, leaving things unowned makes us uncomfortable. As drivers, we’re not here to just do what we’re told, punch a time card, look good in front of others, or seek to benefit our own position in the company. We’re here to make a difference and drive the company’s progress forward while empowering, trusting, and supporting our fellow drivers in their work.

🤝 Empathy Before Action

While action is essential, we always first seek to understand. This is true across the business, but never more so than in our relationships with our colleagues. When communicating and providing feedback, we first pause and consider WHAT we’ll say and WHEN we’ll say it with the view of always being constructive, helpful, and producing an improved outcome rather than simply offloading our frustrations or stress.

📈 Our benefits