Unique opportunity to scale and lead a multi-continental sales team from (first) founding sales, to a well oiled sales machine, while doing business with the most iconic brands in the world.

Ava has built the best real-time transcription service (combining AI & human transcription) on the market. Our mobile, web, and desktop apps integrate seamlessly with existing tools and workflows to make all meetings and conversations fully accessible for deaf & hard-of-hearing employees, students, and individuals. Well-funded and with a product & tech stack that is miles ahead of the competition, we are now scaling Sales in North America, Europe, and beyond.

Besides an incredible growth opportunity, this is a unique chance to work with a set of products and services that are truly making an impact on people's lives. Every day we get messages like this from our users "Ava scribe has been incredibly helpful this year. I have passed all my university classes with more than an average grade everywhere thanks to this service."

No need to 'sell hard' when you are representing something that is so undeniably good for people. And the best thing about answering to such an obvious need is that it's everywhere around us. We work with universities, events, hospitals, governments, retailers, smb's, and fortune 500 companies, including some of the worlds biggest brands.

It all starts with our mission driven, and relentless focus on our Deaf of hard-of-hearing users. As our #1 sales force, they are the ones who inform our roadmap help us improve our products and services every day so that we can help them advocate for themselves while they navigate the communication challenges they face everyday.

While the world is becoming more and more concerned with accessibility, and our services continue to develop at a rapid pace, we need the right captain to steer our sales organization. With teams in the US and France, this means managing people and processes in both countries, and soon more. You'll be managing and improving the sales operations, while also rolling up your sleeves and taking on those deals that need your experienced striking power.

This is your chance to come in at the very best time (while we are just about to raise our Series A) and to be foundational to a startup on the cusp of hyper-growth.

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