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Ever seen a wizard on a rocketship? That's you if you join Layer3.

Join our small, hungry team on a mission to help anyone contribute to web3 and earn crypto.

As part of this team, you'll jam with us every day on building the coolest stuff that web3 has(n't) seen yet. Our goal is simple: help anyone with any skill earn crypto. If that resonates with you, we'd love to talk.

We’re building something incredible. We’re looking for true web3 believers to join our team with an insatiable curiousity for what’s to come that want to work with the most exciting future-of-work innovation ever: DAOs.

Web3 is important because it enables people to be compensated in ownership rather than fiat. In DAOs specifically, you earn proportional to the value you help create (usually in the form of a governance token).

Head of Product Design

We have an amazing product and community, and we want your help taking both to the next level. We’ve seen tremendous demand for what we provide because solving human-coordination for DAOs effectively is crucial to ushering in this new organizational paradigm.

We’re looking for an experienced Product Designer responsible for working with leadership and engineering to design our products fast and well. Design is incredibly important to us, so you’ll be a key player in the future of Layer3, never a cog.

You will:

Must Haves: