Bubbles enables asynchronous collaboration. We are the solution to zoom and slack fatigue.

Through asynchronous conversations in the context of video, audio, and face clips, our users are empowered to collaborate effectively with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Bubbles' collaborative workflow creates a highly viral product loop that requires no sign-up. We have strong organic growth and just closed a multi million dollar seed round with multiple tier 1 VC firms.


As Head of Marketing you'll establish our early marketing foundation, define our targeting and positioning strategies, experiment with new channels of growth, and expand our team to scale proven channels. These channels will drive top of funnel traffic, kickstarting our product loop. They will be the reason why soon we'll see Bubbles everywhere across the internet.

We believe in owned and earned marketing more than we do in paid, because we believe in the compounding effects of long tail campaigns with repurposable content. Think bottoms up content (SEO and thought leadership), social, community, and influencer campaigns, with the understanding that these may take time to make impact.👇

People love bubbles

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