You are a rare hybrid — product manager, customer-facing, sales driven. You are execution oriented and interested in building scalable processes. As the Head of CS you will serve as the primary point of contact for net new and expansion customers: helping them solve problems with our product. You will diagnose issues and propose new workflows that are deeply rooted in your understanding of our product. Your work will unearth critical insights that feed directly into our roadmap, helping us productize key pieces of the customer journey.

The Role

We're seeking a seasoned sales executive who is deeply interested in product.

You will work at the intersection of sales and product. You will engage with customers both pre and post close, developing strategic relationships while leveraging tools and processes to manage hundreds of concurrent conversations. Collaboration with the product team is imperative as your front-line insights will translate into new products and services. Remaining sensitive to the health of each customer relationship, your goal is to address problems before they happen and institute repeatable processes that can benefit the community of customers surrounding the product.

This role is high-impact. It will have direct involvement with setting our revenue targets and will help position us for our next stage of growth.

Your experience


This is an example of how you can give your job descriptions some life. At Air, we use this section to highlight our company mission, values, culture, and personality.

Our goal is to help teams collaborate with photo and video.

Air is a productivity tool focused on media management. Creative teams love our product because it helps them capture and organize the photos and videos that drive their business. On Air, image recognition and color search create structure where needed and flexible workflow tools support creativity and conversation. Our goal is to align your content with the way you work: in a time crunch and on the go.

(Remote) Life at Air

We're a cast of characters that love engineering, product, and design. We use to work out of a warehouse in Brooklyn, but today we're scatted across the country. Our goal is to reconvene in New York during Spring 2021.

We desperately miss NYC...

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