Role Description

codedamn is looking for a Head of Community.

We're betting heavy on twitter + discord in the next 6-12 months to build a strong community of developers on codedamn. For this, we need a kickass person on the team all about community - events, user engagement, prizes, competitions on discord, and engagement/growth on the official Twitter handle. Apart from this, your work would be around people - students using codedamn and creators creating content on codedamn.

Nature of engagement

This role can be either on an internship basis or on a full-time employment basis - the time commitment associated with this role would prevent a candidate from pursuing other full-time projects.

What would your day job involve?

  1. Managing Discord
  2. Twitter growth
  3. Customer support


  1. Good communication skills and experience with managing communities in the past (at least 1 year+ of experience)
  2. Strong digital marketing, writing, and communication skills
  3. Strong will: Growth at codedamn will involve multiple stakeholders - each of whom will have their agenda - having a strong will to drive your points is absolutely critical.
  4. Rigor: The ability to balance gut instinct with data-based insights is a must in this role. You will be required to justify campaign decisions to the CEO & investors.
  5. Basic web developer background - Because you will be spending so much time with a (mostly) web developer community, having a basic web developer background is necessary.