With internet restrictions in place in various districts of Haryana since 26th January 2021, this is an attempt to determine the number of hours of internet connectivity impacted.

Estimate: Over 100 million hours of impacted connectivity in the service area of Haryana alone.

As of 5th Februrary

Note that the service area of Haryana does not include Gurgaon and Faridabad.


The estimation is not overly complex. It is based on:

a) Hours of internet disruptions per district, scaled down by expected daily usage. i.e. If you assume that a person uses the internet for 2 hours a day, then for a 24 hour shutdown, 2 hours are considered impacted, per person.

b) Data on Internet subscribers per 100 people from TRAI Quarterly reports used to estimate the number of people impacted per district.

c) a and b were multiplied to determine the hours impacted per district. And then combined to arrive at a total for the state.


Haryana Lost Connectivty Hours during an Internet Shutdown


  1. No. of internet subscribers per 100 people: As per the most recent TRAI Quarterly Performance report (Jul-Sep 2020, published Jan 2021). - ~61 (over Rural and Urban) for Haryana 'service Area' (page 8 of the report indicated that Gurgaon and Faridabad are included in the Dehli serivce area.