Grant Schedule: Mar. 20 - May 20, 2022

Hacker Registration & Project Submission: Mar.20 - May 15, 2022

Workshops: Mar. 20. - May 15, 2022

Judge Voting: May 15 - May 20, 2022


Harmony Grants is a series of Harmony-centric hackathons and quadratic funding grants dedicated solely to the growth of the Harmony ecosystem.

We’re inviting awesome sponsors and partners to Harmony Grants Round 2!

Harmony Grants Round 2, powered by Dora

Harmony Grants Round 2  aims to introduce the quadratic voting mechanism and tools of Dora’s platform to inject developer traffic from the DoraHacks global developer community and help the Harmony ecosystem grow a large number of early/mature Defi, NFT and DAO related ecosystem projects.

The main participants of this event are the Harmony community members, developers and teams. Teams will submit their projects to and to showcase their products in the hackathon. Community token holders will go to the Harmony Grant page of to vote and donate to their favorite projects. Voting power will be determined by the amount of $MATIC or $USDT/USDC/DAI held by voters on the Harmony network.

In this way, the Harmony community can actively participate in the governance of the Harmony developer ecosystem, support their favorite projects, and become early adopters, curators and supporters of these projects. Harmony can also cooperate with early projects to encourage the official airdrop of project tokens to community members who participated in donation and voting.

Benefits of Joining the Harmony GrantDAO

  1. Branding

Sponsors in Harmony Grants Round 2 will be thanked and mentioned in all marketing material of the Harmony Hacks and Quadratic Funding Grant co-hosted by DoraHacks.

The members will also be invited to speak and introduce their projects and encourage hackers to use their tech stacks during the hackathon.

  1. Judge/Mentorship opportunities

Funders will get at least 1 seat on the judge/mentor panel of Harmony Hacks and the Quadratic Funding Grant co-hosted by DoraHacks.

Sponsors and partners of the hackathon will be invited to provide 1-2 workshops to global developers and participants . Workshops will be hosted at DoraHacks and Harmony Youtube Channel and recorded for future educational purposes.