Harmony Grant Proposal (March 2022 as an example)


DoraHacks is a global Web3 developer community of 100,000+ blockchain devs and open source venture builders. We’re specialized in organizing hackathons, quadratic funding grants, workshops with leading Web3 ecosystems, including BSC, Solana, Polygon, Avalanche, Flow, Celo, and more. In 2021, DoraHacks helped more than 2000 Web3 startups raise $20+ million in grants and donations.


  1. Branding
    1. To leverage Dora’s developer community and traffic to promote Harmony dev toolkits and APIs and onboard more developers to adopt Harmony tech stacks and build on Harmony.
    2. To leverage Dora's expertise in organizing quadratic funding grants, virtual or in-person hackathons, workshops, project demo sessions to help the Harmony team operate developer events globally.
    3. To involve Harmony in the hackathons, quadratic funding community grants, and other events DoraHacks co-host with different open Web3 ecosystems, for instance, ETH, BSC, Solana, Polygon, and more.
  2. Education
    1. To host workshops for developers to help them better understand how to build in the Harmony Ecosystem.
  3. Innovation
    1. To incentivize global developers to build on Harmony by providing prizes, grants, investments to the teams emerging from the events DoraHacks and Harmony organize together.


Jan.1st, 2022 - Dec.31st, 2022

Scope of Partnership:

1. Hackathons

Dora will host virtual and in-person hackathons globally each year. Dora can help the Harmony team

In the hackathons, DoraHacks will be covering the main operational efforts, including:

2. Quadratic Funding Community Grants

DoraHacks will host quadratic funding grants with open Web3 ecosystems like Solana, BSC, and more on Dora’s developer incentive platform. DoraHacks can help Harmony team