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🙌 Community contribution

This the the 43th handbook in our collection, hurray! Take a look at: no meeting Wednesdays, benefits to meet your teammates, wellness and creative time, remote stipend – oh my, those are great ideas! Simple and short this handbook covers almost every step in the company. So if you don't know where to start – check this one!

Prolific Handbook

Screenshot 2021-08-31 at 23.45.12.png

Submitted by Wahida Samie on Aug 30, 2021


🙌 Community contribution

We love when you share your Handbooks! Ans this one is full of insights: Career maps, Onboarding and Development, and of course, Company Values! Those values are greatly described: with explanation Why they are important, behaviours, examples of values in action and even questions for interview! Check it!

Juro Handbook


Submitted by Thomas Forstner on Jun 10, 2021