I enjoy telling stories, and I do that through design, illustration, conversations, and writing. This page is a snapshot of what I'm up to, what I can do, and also some musings on being a freelance creative!

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Jomiro 🙂

<aside> 🙋🏼 Tid-bits about me:


👎🏼 I am not a fan of celery. No thanks.

🎨 I'm an illustrator & graphic designer

📖 I like helping people tell their own stories, & express who they are

👱🏼‍♀️ I draw commissioned portraits & pictures

✍🏼 I write stuff — like posts @TheDailyWork, and (soon) books

📧 I have a newsletter

🎙 I podcast (...coming soon...)

⚡️ I do handpoked tattoos

🌙 I love high-res pictures of the moon

🐈🐕 I'm a cat and a dog person


There is only one thing I can ever truly know for sure: There will always be more to learn.

I used to want everything to be perfect, and to get everything right the first time (and I still slip into that quite often). But I'm learning more and more that no one has it all figured out like that. Literally, no one. So this is where I want to share how I still don't have everything figured out either. These are very short (and probably quite unstructured) "thought-dumps" about the shit that I'm figuring out, as a freelance creative, that I find really hard to get right. If you hover over the table below and click the diagonal ↔️ icon, you can read more of them!

The good, the bad, and the "real"

My favourite places on the internet

🎧 My 6 favourite podcasts at the moment