Push Protocol (previously EPNS) is the world’s first decentralized communication & notification protocol for Web3.

It enables decentralized and interoperable communication in Web3 with features like real-time chat, video chat, NFT chat, and notifications, enhancing interaction on blockchain networks. Using the protocol, any smart contract, dApp, or backend service can send on-chain or off-chain notifications tied to the wallet addresses of users in a gasless, multichain, open, and platform-agnostic way.

To get started building with Push Protocol, checkout our Developer docs and Push SDK!

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What are Channels? How can I create one?

How to use Channels on different Chains?

What are the types of Notifications?

How can I send and receive notifications?

I’m unable to recieve a notification on my channel?

Push Chat

Is a channel needed for Push Chat?

Which chain is Push Chat present on ?

What is the limit of groups in Push Chat**?**