Sync & Data

Can I sync my habits across multiple devices?

No. At this time we don't support syncing your habits across multiple devices.

Is my habit data backed up?

Your habit data is stored locally on your device. If you backup your phone contents using the iOS backup mechanism your habit data will be backed up, just like the local data for all apps is backed up.

I deleted the app, now I reinstalled it from the App Store and my previous habit data isn't there, can I get it back?

No. As mentioned above all your data is stored locally on your device. If you delete the app your habit data will also be deleted.

Transfer Habit Data to a New Device

When you use the standard iOS backup/restore/setup mechanism, the Habits app and your habit data will be saved and transferred to the new device.

Navigate Views

Swipe up or down on the lower control on the screen to navigate between the main views: Checkbox, Challenge, and Calendar.


Checkbox View

This view is where you check off completed habits for any of the last 7 days.


Check off a habit