by Jenny Liu, Elysha Tsai, Gary Tang, and Chris Han

Advisor: Kyuha Shim

Project Duration: 7 weeks

Tools: HTML/CSS/JS, PHP, p5.js, Figma, Tableau

<aside> đź“Ś #HUEAREYOU is a data visualization website in the form of a personality quiz, themed around the 2019 AIGA Design Census. Check out our website live here!



Values impact our work and drive why we design. However, how do the values we hold as individuals fit in the broader design community? What are the values that motivate others to design?

The design community is missing out on a unique opportunity to reflect on themselves —who are we and how does that manifest in our work?

Using the AIGA 2019 Design Census data, #HUEAREYOU uses HEX codes to visualize the unique values each designer holds in the community. As users enter the site they are encouraged to see where they fit in the community visualization by taking a quiz that measures their priorities and values, giving them a personalized HEX code.

Table of Contents

Concept Generation

Analyzing the Data

Initially, when looking at the AIGA CSV file, many of us were interested in the column asking about designers’ happiness and satisfaction. We graphed other variables with happiness, attempting to find relationships between variables. But it turns out that designers’ happiness doesn’t seem to correlate with salary, work hours, or the organization’s size. But one thing that does matter is whether the person is learning something new every day, which doesn’t necessarily have to come from work. This invites us to reflect on the question itself. In fact, the survey question is only asking about “happiness in designers’ job positions.” But clearly, we designers are more than our projects.