These are the tenets of the Human Space Program culture. They are the principles we believe in, and the agreements we have committed to. We consider it a privilege to play a role in this movement. For that privilege, we commit to upholding these core tenets.

How we do anything is how we do everything.

Integrity, kindness, compassion, mindfulness, devotion, and patience are not just expected work etiquette, they are our way of being, no matter the circumstances.

Everything is about relationships and agreements, and how we honor them.

We have relationships with everything from humans to food, communication, work, play, and sleep. We honor the vitality of those relationships by upholding agreements that support them.

There is a promise of symbiosis and harmony in everything.

We live in a universe that was created for symbiosis. We approach every problem and opportunity with this belief and expectation.

Optimism, faith, and imagination turn visions into reality.

Our experience informs us of caveats and threats. But it is our collective imagination and the unyielding belief that it’s all possible that makes our visions possible.

Slow is fast ~ We care enough to be thorough.

This mission is delicate and important. We cannot afford to squander an opportunity to optimize our efforts by rushing or cutting corners. As the astronauts say, “Slow is fast”. We care enough to be both thorough and efficient.

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