Last Update: April 19, 2022

On February 24th 2022 Russia has started an Invasion of Ukraine.

The idea of this page is to collaboratively collect resources that can be useful, from an HR point of view, to support the people of Ukraine, looking at different options, including Relocation Support, Financial Support for the people that are still in the country, support for HR professionals and so on.

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<aside> 🇷🇺 I’ve created also a secondary page related to the support of workers in Russia as this is also an area of concern for many HR professionals. This now also includes a full database of Companies Suspending Operations in Russia and Belarus.


<aside> 📎 March 2, 2022 ****The page has grown big, so I have now separated the page into more subpages for easier browsing.


1. Action ideas

3. Relocation Support

4. Refugees

6b. Coaching and Counselling Service Support

6. Donation Channels and Money Transfer Resources

10. Job offers and Talent Initiatives

Ukrainian Crisis: How to support workers in Russia and Belarus

🆘 Frequently Asked Questions about Ukraine

✈️ How can I help with relocation?

Currently, only women and children can exit Ukraine, plus there are difficulties in transport.

More resources are available on the 3. Relocation Support page.

🚗 How can I leave the Country?