Twitter Space Recording:

On Thursday, October 6, we gathered a great group of contributors to talk about the NFT space in 2018. Listen to the recording here >

2018 Contributors:

Jason Bailey / Artnome

Jessica Angel

David More / Knownorigin

Elena Zavelev

Kate Vass


Discussion Transcript:

Wise introduction on writing history by artnome: There is an issue to have just one person have enough weight on history writing. We need decentralization. No one person can experience everything in the space but also not everybody is going to find everything interesting. So the only way to get a full view is to get all people to chip in to have a full view.

Comment from Eleonora: It is important to be distributed and make an effort. It’s not perfect, it’s not entirely decentralized but we are trying. The community can also contribute via comments and a form where anybody can share memorabilia, artworks, fun facts from 2019 and before. The more documentation we have, the better the festival will be.

Let’s start with the Rare Art Festival from January 2018.

Judy Mam: