Welcome to TechShares! This is the HAX resources to share the experiences, knowledge, and expertise of former HAX founders that were once in your shoes. Please utilize the videos below as they will answer many questions throughout the timespan that you are in the HAX program. Enjoy!

Mechanical Engineering 101:

Learn how to define your problem statement, design a MVP, how to cost effectively prototype your ideas, and more. Watch below.

Sep 16_21 - Mechanical Engineering 101.mp4

Mechanical Engineering 102:

This module lays the groundwork to better understand the following: design strategy for prototyping, design intent, parametric modeling, top down vs bottom up design approach, and simulations and testing.

Design prototyping is an incredible important element of building your company. Don’t get married to one idea, continue to iterate, to communicate your CAD, and to understand process limitations.

Sep 09-30 - Mechanical Engineering 102.mp4

Industrial Design:

In this video, learn how to enhance the UX/UI for users to better understand your product or service more clearly, effectively, and cohesively.

🗣️ Differentiation supports marketing opportunities

🎨 Aesthetics are simpler to understand