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Business automation


A mobile app or chatbot for any popular instant messaging services


Design and build an automation solution for a logistics company. The company provides delivery services for small retailers (e.g. online shops), including express delivery. Specifically, this company deals with a variety of pick-up points, from warehouses with fixed addresses, to ad-hoc addresses entered by clients.

The company has permanent employees with a fixed work schedule, as well as contractors working under flexible conditions (contractors have the ability to select their orders for delivery, and receive payment per successful order). Contract based work is favoured by the company.

You are asked to provide an effective solution with the following feature set:

For clients:

For delivery staff:

The features listed above can be modified (extended, cut or completely replaced) at your discretion. Please model your automation solution based on business processes specific to delivery companies. Prototypes should be delivered in the form of chatbots.

Technical requirements