There are numerous fact-checks of this out there, but we asked you to look at the source of the quote itself in this instance. To do that you can either find it directly through search, or be lazy like me: go to a fact-checking page and click through to the video linked in it. Most fact-checkers link to the C-SPAN video:

National Rifle Association Convention

If you go there you'll find there's a little box that allows you to search the text of the speech.

We search for safe school, and find the text.

People may have different opinions on whether the Everytown graphic is accurate. It's certainly the case that he seems to be primarily talking about students not having guns. On the other hand, the "rare exception" language seems to indicate that the 1999 version of Wayne LaPierre would not have dreamed of saying teachers should carry weapons. As with so many of our examples, the truth is a bit more nuanced than it appears at first. And while knowing the nuance may not change your opinion on the issue, understanding what is genuinely new here will help better focus your efforts on the things you care about, no matter which side of the issue you find yourself on.

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