Updated: February. 16/2022 | @Thenuka Karunaratne on Slack if you have any questions or suggestions

1. Deep work matters to us

What it means: One hour of deep, concentrated work is often more valuable than several hours of scattered, unfocused work.

In practice: We encourage all of our employees to check Slack & email infrequently and avoid engaging in busywork. What's most important here is that you produce the highest quality work you can, each and every day. Meetings are typically scheduled onto 1 day of the week, freeing you up for deep work on the other 4.

2. Balance fosters creativity

What it means: Creativity, defined in this context, is ability to produce novel insights and approaches to solving problems. We view the ability to produce creative insights as one of the single biggest drivers of getting more leverage on your time. When you're tired or overworked, your ability to produce creative insights will generally diminish. In contrast, a well-rested mind and peaceful working atmosphere is the ideal environment for fostering creativity.

In practice: We typically don't expect employees to work, or respond to Slack and email messages in the evenings or on weekends. We also provide top-notch healthcare plans, fitness benefits ($500/year), and a learning & development stipend ($500/year) to support your life outside of work!

3. Motivation through curiosity, not fear

What it means: A lot of startups use fear as the primary motivator for achieving progress. Our belief is that fear is an unhealthy, and far less effective motivator than curiosity. We believe people perform the best when they are happy, enjoy the problems they work on and have good work-life balance.

In practice: We work with you to proactively identify challenges within the organization that you’re curious about. We’ll also do our very best to understand your unique personal circumstances, and support your life outside of work as well.

4. Help those around you

What it means: Contributing to the betterment of those around you is equally as important as your individual contributions. Being smart, driven and ambitious is only half the equation to being an excellent team member. Being patient with the mistakes of others, taking a constructive rather than critical approach to giving feedback, and assuming positive intent with your fellow team members is the other half.

In practice: In order to get promoted, you'll be evaluated not only on your direct contributions to Flixed, but also the impact you've had in supporting those around you.

5. Invest in continuous growth

What it means: We take the long view on developing our people. We will continuously invest into better understanding who you are, what you're interested in, and how Flixed can help you achieve your goals.

In practice: You will be expected to maintain a beginner's mind as you continuously undertake progressively more difficult and challenging problems. Managers will proactively work with you to determine what your career goals are, and work with you on a regularly basis to create pathway to achieve those goals.