Hi Friends, after purchasing FluxStore apps, you get the full Flutter source code so you can customize it all by using:

✈️ any code editors (e.g. Android Studio, IntelliJ, VS Code, etc.)

✈️ or the drag&drop FluxBuilder tool. It helps to customize your app Design for free & lifetime without re-publishing App Stores.

✈️ or you can use both FluxBuilder and a code editor flexibly to save a lot of your time (by Export and Import features).

There are more Plans that give you more benefits:

🎯 1. Subscription

🚘 If you need to extend your Technical Support period after the free-support 6 months, use the SUPPORT plan.

🚘 If you have problems with the environment installation, or you don’t know coding, or you are using Windows and want to build iOS apps, experience the PREMIUM plan that helps you to Build On Cloud automatically. No need to setup the Flutter environment on your laptop.

🚘 A great thing is when subscribing Premium plan, you can auto-build (cloud) for all apps on FluxBuilder.

Refer to FluxBuilder Service Plans for more detail.

🎯 2. Guide To Subscribe

  1. Remove the old FluxBuilder.

  2. Install FluxBuilder 1.6.0 or later. Download Desktop version or https://web.fluxbuilder.com

  3. Open FluxBuilder, then open your app: (If you do not have an app, Create New App with this quick guide)


  4. Next, select Product License, then click BUY button on a plan:


  5. After successful payment, please refresh the notification browser, or close&reopen FluxBuilder to see the change.