Per a conversation we had during the Ops workgroup meeting on May 19th, Crypto Sapiens is hosting a sprint between May 23-27. The intention of the sprint is to develop an onboarding process for new contributors starting from new entrants to the Discord to people interested in joining a workgroup. An onboarding process will be reviewed at the weekly update meeting on Friday, May 27th.

The notes from the Operations Workgroup meeting that sparked this discussion are here: https://www.notion.so/bankless/Crypto-Sapiens-Ops-Call-5-19-76cf2b75385345baa1ba6ce3123275bc

There will be several layers of onboarding that will require coordination between workgroups. At the highest level, we all need to be active in the #introductions and #main-chat channels welcoming new community members to our Discord.

Onboarding Process (triggers & actions)

General onboarding

  1. TRIGGER: When a new member joins the Crypto Sapiens Discord Server.
    1. ACTION: They agree to server rules in #welcome-and-rules by clicking on the brain emoji reaction (🧠).
    2. OUTCOME: Agreeing to the above rules gives access to the “About Crypto Sapiens” and “Community” server categories.
  2. ACTION: New member visits the #role-select channel to opt-in (provide consent) to join the community & ecosystem chat channels, as well as to signal interest in WorkGroups, WorkStreams, and WorkFlows [IN REVIEW].
  3. Peruse the onboarding gallery below that can connect you to resources for various workgroups within crypto sapiens
  4. ACTION: New member finds the #community-start-here channel
  5. TRIGGER: When they introduce themselves in the #introductions channel
    1. When a member mentions wanting to contribute to the project, we:
      1. Encourage them to introduce themselves in the #introductions channel if they haven’t already
        • Who are you? How did you discover Crypto Sapiens? What contributions have you made to DAOs? If you are interested in to Crypto Sapiens? If you are interested, how would you contribute to Crypto Sapiens?
      2. Share our project Notion → Crypto Sapiens Podcast
      3. Share our brand mission and values → Our Mission and Values
      4. Invite them to join our Weekly Onboarding Call (Wednesdays)
    2. We do not add a contributor tag to the member without them first attending a meeting.
  6. Joins the conversation in the **#main-chat channel:**

Workgroup Lead Handoff

Workgroup Onboarding