What will you find on this page?

  1. A state of the remote work in tech
  2. The pillars to turn smoothly to a remote organisation
  3. An interactive roadmap to follow each time you hire remote employees

1 | current state of remote tech work

During the past months, remote work and hybrid organisations have become the norm. This has led many companies across the globe to reorganise their processes in order to accomodate this change.

It seems that this period of time has transformed our way of working to such an extent that a rollback to "traditional" organisations appears to be unachievable if you want to keep your attractiveness as an employer.

As a tech team, you have probably been impacted by these last couple of years as well. Working remotely is no longer an issue (if it ever was) and tech companies are more and more likely to hire remote tech experts.

<aside> 📊 On talent.io, 75% of job positions now offer the opportunity to work remotely (partially or fully).


Why are they offering the opportunity of working remotely? Because it improves attractiveness and performance:

1. Attractiveness