So you’re teaching a guest elective at the Nursery? You probably need to know some things.

Here are those things….


  1. What are they and why do we do them?
    1. Guest Electives:
      1. WHAT? These are 2.5 hour workshops that happen once. The guest teacher picks the topic (something they are an expert in or a workshop they have always wanted to teach). It is a chance for the teacher and the students to experiment with a topic that interests them or focus on a small part of improvisation that may get overlooked or rushed over in a course.
      2. WHY? There are a bunch of people who do great things that we would like to make available to our students on top of our own courses. So we ask people that we have heard are doing great things to come and work with us.
    2. Super Electives:
      1. WHAT? An elective that needs more time. These typically run 4 - 6 weeks with each class being 2 hours long.
      2. WHY? Sometimes a topic needs more than 2.5 hrs (for instance, a writing class). Or the students who take the initial elective want to keep pursuing the topic and ask to extend.
  2. Booking a date. We’ll give you some options and we’ll probably be looking at Sunday afternoons or early evenings.
    1. Unsure of your time zone in relation to the UK?
      1. Here is a timezone converter:
  3. Class Size: Typically we cap our classes at 12 people for 2.5 hours (currently running on Sunday evenings). We need at least 6 students enrolled in order for the class to run.
  4. Accessibility and Classroom Management: We are working to standardize our classrooms and ask that guest faculty employ the same accessibility and approach when it comes to dealing with problematic moments.
    1. ACCESSIBILITY: All of our Zoom rooms are equipped with live transcriptions.

      1. At the top of your class, we require teachers to turn on the live transcription.
        1. All of our Zoom rooms are already equipped with this feature but you, as the host, need to enable it at the top of the class.
        2. HOW TO: When you're in the Zoom room, click on the "live transcript" button (located in the bottom right-hand corner of the host’s screen), and "enable auto-transcription."
    2. CONSENT INFORMED SPACES: We are working to unify the table setting and classroom management in all of our classrooms and request that our guest faculty use the same Timeout Strategy when issues arise in class that our Nursery faculty do.

      1. MANDATORY READING: Details for consent informed spaces and Timeout Strategy specifics can be found HERE
  5. EMAILS. Under EU law, it is not permitted to ask for email addresses from the students. Please do not do this! If you would like to communicate with them, you are welcome to either give them your address or send us any material, which we will forward to them. For our longer running Super Electives, you can create an optional WhatsApp group and invite students to join (you can still send us any documents that you would like shared with students who may not have access to or feel comfortable joining the WhatsApp group.
  6. Zoom. We are happy to provide a Zoom account for you to use and if this is the case, we will send you the guest login information the day before your workshop. If you don’t feel comfortable letting yourself into our Zoom account, that’s fine! Just let us know and we can arrange for a staff member to make sure you are set up. If you need showing around, just let us know (
  7. Problems on the day. Please reach out to Education Manager, Jessica Mitolo with any problems leading up to the event. On the day of the event, you will want to message her directly rather than by email. The Nursery Facebook page (via Facebook Message) is also possible. All of our staff are part-time, so we’ll respond as quickly as we can.
  8. Invoicing. Our standard fee is £100 for the session. Invoices are sent to our Finance Manager and you’ll get paid within two weeks of the event.



<aside> 💳 Date: June 2, 2021 To: The Nursery Theatre; Judith Amsenga Invoice Number: 060121 (Whatever number you choose to help you organize your billing) Name of Instructor: Jessica Mitolo Name of Elective/Workshop: Awesome Name of Workshop

Job Reference: One Day Elective


Cost Breakdown

Total Cost: £100