How to apply:

Why We’re Here?

DimeFi is building the next generation of financial services powered by decentralized finance (DeFi). By harnessing the power of DeFi, DimeFi customers get the opportunity to earn passive returns at 12% APY, 25x the interest rate offered at big banks.

DeFi is built on top of blockchain technologies and allows users to do most of the things banks support without any financial institutions acting as an intermediary. This freedom has led to a significant increase in capital efficiency and has helped DeFi grow rapidly in recent years. As of December 2021, the total market cap of DeFi has reached $140 billion and is expected to continue to grow as the DeFi industry matures.

Yet, DeFi applications are still in their nascent stage of development and are very difficult for the general population to use. As a result, the benefits of DeFi are enjoyed mostly by crypto technologists, and everyday people are left out.

DimeFi is on a mission to change the status quo and make DeFi accessible to everyone. Leveraging our decades of experience in building consumer products, machine learning and risk control, we help people to get secure access to DeFi without worrying about DeFi complexity. At DimeFi, we are re-imagining the financial service for the next generation and helping people reach financial freedom to live a fulfilled life.

About this role:

As our first person focused on growth, we are looking for a generalist that can effectively operate across paid, lifecycle, and organic channels. The ideal candidate for this role is a self-starter who values autonomy and embraces the ambiguity of trying many different things.

What you will do:

  1. Develop a deep understanding of our target audience and customer.
  2. Leading and managing cross-channel marketing campaigns to drive customer acquisition, engagement, and retention.
  3. Owning and improving the existing paid marketing channel and testing into new channels.
  4. Take charge and scale up our existing referral program.
  5. Managing our social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.
  6. Build world-class onboarding experience to reduce user friction and improve conversion.
  7. Create communication materials like new feature announcements, emails, blog posts, in-app broadcast messages, etc.