🏠 Location: London

🤑 Salary: £100k - £50k (dependent on experience)

💸 Equity: 1.0% - 0.5% (dependent on experience)

🇪🇸 Ability to speak Spanish - bonus!

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We believe that anyone should be able to participate in commerce, regardless of who they are, or where they live.

Why does Cheq exist?

If you’re used to paying with a credit card, you might wonder what needs fixing.

Many countries do not enjoy the same seamless banking infrastructure that we do. Additionally, selling online is impossible without a bank and an integration with a payment processor, things that are not always easy to put in place.

Decentralised wallets provide a fantastic way to pay and get paid with crypto. But the user experience when it comes to checking out and fulfilling orders with decentralised wallets didn’t exist, until now.

What does it do?

We’re making crypto the world’s favourite way to pay and get paid.

Spin up a payment link in seconds to accept payment. Get a beautiful, straightforward checkout experience to the buyer. Fully decentralised, compatible with any token, chain, or wallet. The recipient gets 100% of the funds, with no transaction fee.

What will I do?

Simply put: help us identify how to get Cheq into the hands of those that need it most. We are early stage with a promising product that has already processed hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of payments.