<aside> 🧠 Our mission at Surge is to build the human infrastructure for NLP.


Love language? So do we, and our mission is to infuse AI with that same love.

At Surge, we're building the human infrastructure to power NLP — from detecting hate speech, to parsing complex military documents, to injecting human values into the next wave of language models. Our first product is a platform that helps ML teams create amazing, human-powered datasets to train AI in the richness of language.

We're a team of former Google, Facebook, and Twitter engineering leads, and we work with top companies at the forefront of machine learning. We're rapidly growing, and we're looking for a growth engineer to take the lead on this journey, someone who will strategize and execute original projects that yield visibility. Think a hacker-in-residence, experimenting and playing in the Surge sandbox.

What you'll do

What we’re looking for

This position is completely remote, though we also have workspaces in LA, NYC, SF, and SD.

Surge is an equal opportunity employer. We strive to be a welcoming place for everyone, and we do our best to make sure all people feel supported and connected at work.

To apply, please email team@surgehq.ai with a resume and 2-3 sentences describing your interest in Surge. We also love personal projects and writings too!